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Pickaway County Responds to Vehicle Fire Caused by Driver Passed Out Behind the Wheel


Pickaway County – At approximately 10:02 PM on April 23, 2024, a citizen placed a 911 call reporting a vehicle in a ditch with the driver unconscious behind the wheel, with all the doors locked and the accelerator stuck to the floor.

The first responder on the scene, arrived to find a dark-colored Ford Mustang off the right side of the road. Flames were emanating from the rear tires, and smoke billowed from the front. The driver, later identified as Cameron Levi Warner, was found unconscious inside the vehicle.

The Deputy acted swiftly, using his department-issued flashlight equipped with a glass breaker to shatter the driver’s side front window. In the process, the Deputy sustained an injury to his right wrist. Upon breaking the window, Cameron regained consciousness but appeared disoriented, exhibiting behavior as if he were still driving and attempting to avoid a crash.

During the rescue, the deputy noticed a clear zip-lock bag containing white and yellow pills, later identified as Gabapentin and Diazepam, neither of which were prescribed to Cameron. Despite the deputy’s instructions to exit the vehicle due to the fire, Cameron remained confused and required assistance to remove his seatbelt and exit the vehicle safely.

Upon further investigation, Ohio State Highway Patrol conducted Standard Field Sobriety Tests and determined that Cameron Warner was functionally impaired. Consequently, he was charged with Operation of a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) under Ohio law.

The sequence of events leading to the vehicle catching fire began when Cameron made a left turn onto Bell Station Road from Winchester Road at high speed, causing the vehicle to rotate 180 degrees and veer off the road backward. Despite initially avoiding damage to the vehicle, Cameron’s continued unconsciousness with his foot on the accelerator led to the engine overheating and igniting.

Smith’s quick response and intervention likely prevented a more severe outcome. Cameron Warner now faces legal consequences for his actions, including charges related to impaired driving, and Operation without being in reasonable control of the vehicle.