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Pickaway County Public Health Secures Grant to Provide Driver’s Education Scholarships for Local Teens


Circleville, Ohio – May 17, 2024

In a bid to enhance road safety and alleviate financial barriers for young drivers, Pickaway County Public Health has proudly announced the receipt of the prestigious “Drive to Succeed” grant. This grant, awarded by the Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO), will be instrumental in funding driver’s education scholarships tailored for local teenagers.

The initiative, spearheaded by Pickaway County Public Health, aims to equip young drivers with essential skills and knowledge crucial for safe navigation on roads. By shouldering the financial burden associated with obtaining a driver’s license, this program strives to empower teens while fostering a culture of road safety within the community.

The endorsement of this grant by OTSO underscores the critical significance of investing in youth education and safety. With the infusion of this funding, Pickaway County Public Health will extend scholarships to eligible teens across Pickaway County, encompassing the costs of comprehensive driver’s education courses, encompassing both classroom instruction and practical behind-the-wheel training.

These scholarships, generously provided by OTSO, not only facilitate teens in obtaining their driver’s licenses but also cultivate a sense of responsibility and vigilance among them while on the road. By prioritizing their education and safety today, stakeholders are actively shaping a safer future for the community at large.

Pickaway County Public Health extends heartfelt appreciation to OTSO for their unwavering support and dedication to youth education and safety initiatives in Pickaway County.

For further details regarding Pickaway County Public Health and its wide array of programs, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official website at Home – Pickaway County Public Health or reach out via phone at 740-477-9667.