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Pickaway County Fair Honors Longtime Friend of the Fair Steve Barthelmas


PICKAWAY COUNTY, OH — During Sunday’s Pickaway County Opening Event, a longtime friend of the fair was honored for his remarkable 50 years of dedication and hard work.

“Fifty years ago, I was asked to take someone’s place,” said Steve Barthelmas. “I was always involved in 4-H, but I didn’t know much about the Fairboard. I really didn’t know what I was getting into.”

Despite the initial uncertainty, Steve found joy in the community aspect of the fair, which kept him committed. “Working with kids and their proud parents, the excitement that comes from the fair, just being part of it was really fun,” he shared.

Steve’s personal connection to the fair runs deep, having put three of his own children through the steer division, all of whom went on to attend Ohio State University and own his own farm. He credited his longtime friend, George Hamrick, as a significant influence on his involvement.

When speaking about the new Fairground he said, “All this influence has tremendously helped not only the fair but all of Pickaway County.”

After his first year off in 2023 since joining in 1973, Steve reflected on his journey. Raised in Pickaway County, he has remained a proud local man, raising several children in the area.

In a March meeting, fellow longtime fair member Randy Smith nominated Steve for the 2024 Friend of the Fair award. Steve’s contributions extend beyond the fair; he is nationally recognized for innovating a common tool for cattle rearing, substituting an air cylinder for hydraulic power equipment, which has reduced energy usage, costs, and winter-related issues.

The Ohio State University extension office has utilized Steve’s farm to teach beef quality assurance training, highlighting his commitment to good production practices and beef quality assurance.

Steve Barthelmas’s legacy is a testament to the enduring spirit and community of Pickaway County Fair.