Home News Pickaway County – Deputy Seizes Drugs, Arrests Two During Traffic Stop

Pickaway County – Deputy Seizes Drugs, Arrests Two During Traffic Stop


Circleville, Ohio (February 12, 2024): On February 4th, a Pickaway County Sheriff pulled over a vehicle on US-62 after discovering the driver had suspended privileges and outstanding warrants. During the stop, the officer observed suspicious activity from the passenger, leading to a search that uncovered drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics.

According to the police report, the officer initially stopped the vehicle due to the driver’s license status and requested proof of insurance, which the driver could not immediately provide. The passenger, identified as Jessica McMillin, was found to have outstanding warrants but outside the officer’s arrest radius.

While questioning McMillin, the officer heard the sound of breaking glass and discovered two crack pipes near her. She was detained, and a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two baggies of suspected fentanyl and one of suspected crack cocaine. Both McMillin and the driver, Clayton Wellman, were informed of their rights and arrested.

Wellman was transported to the county jail without incident, while McMillin was initially denied entry due to COVID-19 screening protocols. She was then taken to Berger Hospital, where additional suspected drugs were found in the officer’s patrol car. McMillin refused to acknowledge the substance, but she was eventually cleared from the hospital and transported to jail.

This incident highlights the vigilance of law enforcement officers in identifying and stopping potential criminal activity. It also serves as a reminder of the dangers of drug use and the associated legal consequences.