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Pickaway County – Columbus Man Sentenced to Prison Almost Two Years After His Crime


Circleville – A man who fled police was sentenced to several years in jail after disappearing after pleading guilty.

The sentencing follows a dramatic incident that unfolded on May 10, 2022, in Circleville, Pickaway County. Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office deputies were engaged in a high-speed pursuit with a black Nissan Sedan carrying three individuals. The pursuit commenced around 11 p.m. when deputies attempted a traffic stop on SR 104 southbound after clocking the sedan at 63 mph in a 55 mph zone.

According to reports, the driver, identified as Brien Turner, initially stopped at the Goody Nook at the intersection of SR 104 and 22. Deputy Thomas requested Turner’s driver’s license, to which Turner responded that he did not possess one. Suspicions arose when Deputy Thomas detected the scent of alcohol and marijuana emanating from the vehicle. When instructed to exit the vehicle, Turner abruptly put the vehicle into drive and fled eastbound on U.S. 22 towards Circleville.

The pursuit continued, with Turner maneuvering the sedan through various routes, including Canal Road and Mill Road, before returning to US22 westbound. Ohio State Highway Patrol officers joined the chase, with speeds reaching up to 120 mph on SR 104. The chase concluded when spike strips deployed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol successfully deflated three of the sedan’s tires near Van Meter Rd.

Turner’s attempt to evade authorities came to an end just south of West Ford Rd., where he and two other occupants were apprehended at gunpoint. A subsequent search of the vehicle led to the discovery of 8 grams of marijuana.

Turner was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle without a valid license and failure to comply with orders or signals. The incident involved the coordination of eight Ohio State Highway Patrol and Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office deputies, with additional support from the Commercial Point authorities who were prepared with spike strips north of the pursuit’s location.

In Pickaway County courts on 12/14/22 Turner entered a plea of guilty with Judge Kneece with a document that told him that his maximum sentence could be 36 months in jail. The judge ordered a presentencing agreement with the adult probation department and Turner was allowed to be released prior to sentencing which would occur on February 8, 2023. When the date came for sentencing, for possible jail time for his crimes, Turner did not appear. Soon after a warrant for his arrest was issued. It took until March of 2024 for that warrant to catch up to Turner when he was arrested in Franklin county on other charges.

This week Brien E. Turner, aged 30, of Ashburton St., Columbus, has been sentenced to 24 months in prison, accompanied by a 10-year Ohio Driver’s License (ODL) suspension, after pleading guilty to felony fleeing and eluding.