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Pickaway County Arrests One in Another High Speed Chase in the Area


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Sheriff was involved in another high speed chase within the county on July 5th that ended in a taser situation and arrest.

According to Police on July 5th 2020 near 0042 hours Pickaway County Deputy observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Old Tarlton Pike. The Deputy was able to catch up to the vehicle as it turned North onto Ringgold Southern Road. At the time the vehicle was able to be paced at 80 MPH for about half a mile and observed it cross over blind hills in the middle of the road way at these speeds over the double Yellow line. When the Deputy activated his overhead lights and the vehicle slowed to 60 MPH and drove another half a mile before coming to a stop just South of Stoutsville Pike. When the deputy approached the car the driver looked at him and sped off.

The Deputy observed the vehicle cross Stoutsville Pike without stopping for the stop sign at a high rate of speed. The Suspect then turned East onto US 22 and turned off his lights. While chasing the suspect the deputy observed speeds on the speedometer at 110 mph and suspect was still pulling away from the patrol unit.

The suspect would hit his brakes or flash his headlights to see where he was at and the Deputy was able to see him about 500 yards ahead of him every time he did this. The officer observed his tail lights turn South onto Sixteenth Road then accelerate to speeds over 100 mph while traveling on the road.

The Deputy found the vehicle at the intersection of Sixteenth and Wyandotte and observed his vehicle in the field South of the intersection and him walking away from the vehicle. The Deputy came to a stop at the embankment and seen no other way into the field and drove the cruiser over it causing the brush guard to push back into the bumper causing minor damage.

As the deputy approached the vehicle the suspect began to walk back with his hands up. The deputy drew his Taser and ordered him to the ground and to turn away from him. The suspect went to his knees and turned his back to the deputy. When the deputy went to approach to handcuff him, he appeared to be lifting his knee to take off running again, thats when the deputy deployed the Taser while giving commands to get on the ground and to put his hands behind his back. The suspect complied after the Taser finished cycling and was placed in handcuffs in the rear of of the cruiser.

The Suspect had an over whelming odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his persons. While in custody the suspect identified as Jordan Hartshorn told a Pickaway Deputy that, “he was surprised I did not give up on the pursuit because he has ran several times in the past and they always give up, Jordan also reported that he reached speeds of 160MPH while running.”

Hartshorn was charged with failure to comply with order or signal, and OVI with other charges pending, his vehicle was impounded.