Home News PICCA Transit Launches New Rickenbacker Shuttle Route for Pickaway County Residents

PICCA Transit Launches New Rickenbacker Shuttle Route for Pickaway County Residents


Circleville, OH – Pickaway County Community Action, also known as PICCA Transit, is excited to announce the launch of a new transportation route, the Rickenbacker Shuttle, starting April 1st. This pilot program aims to provide free transportation for Pickaway County residents to the Rickenbacker area, connecting them to the Greater Columbus area’s transportation networks.

The Rickenbacker Shuttle offers a convenient and cost-effective way for residents to access essential services, employment opportunities, and educational institutions in the Rickenbacker area. The service will operate Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon routes available.

Morning Route Schedule:

  • 5:50 AM: Departure from PICCA Transit, located at 469 E. Ohio St, Circleville.
  • 5:58 AM: Stop at Circleville Library, 1160 N. Court St, Circleville.
  • 6:11 AM: Arrival at Ashville Neighborhood Center, 97 Miller Avenue, Ashville.
  • 6:30 AM: Arrival at Rickenbacker Marathon Station, 2560 London Groveport Rd, Groveport.

Afternoon Route Schedule:

  • 4:20 PM: Departure from Rickenbacker Marathon Station.
  • 4:39 PM: Stop at Ashville Neighborhood Center.
  • 4:52 PM: Stop at Circleville Library.
  • 5:00 PM: Arrival back at PICCA Transit.

Residents interested in utilizing the Rickenbacker Shuttle can simply wait at one of the designated bus stops at the specified times listed on the provided flyer. For more information or inquiries, individuals can contact PICCA Transit at 740-474-8835.

This initiative aims to enhance access to transportation for Pickaway County residents, ensuring greater mobility and connectivity within the region. PICCA Transit encourages community members to take advantage of this valuable service and looks forward to serving the transportation needs of the community.