Home News Peebles Resident Strikes Gold with $75,000 Ohio Lottery Scratch-Off Win

Peebles Resident Strikes Gold with $75,000 Ohio Lottery Scratch-Off Win

Image by Filip Filipović from Pixabay

Peebles, OH – Excitement fills the air as Katherine Blakenship of Peebles celebrates a stroke of luck with a hefty $75,000 win on the Ohio Lottery Scratch-Off, Queen of Hearts.

Reflecting on the moment of disbelief turned elation, Blakenship shared, “I didn’t really believe it. To be honest, until I got the money in hand, I still didn’t believe it.” The unexpected windfall came at a crucial moment, amidst a home renovation project. Blakenship recounted sending her son to grab some lottery tickets while he was out running errands. Little did she know, her ordinary request would lead to an extraordinary outcome.

“When he came back, and they were in there working, my husband is talking to me and I’m like, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, I think I won $75,000,’” she chuckled, reminiscing about the surreal moment. Initially met with skepticism from her husband, reality quickly set in as they realized that indeed, luck had favored them.

Blakenship intends to put her winnings to practical use, aiming to ease financial burdens by paying off bills and tucking some away for the future. Despite the mandatory state and federal tax deductions totaling 28 percent, she is set to receive a substantial sum of $54,000.

The winning ticket was sold at Peebles Quick Stop, nestled at 76 S Main St in Peebles, adding to the jubilant atmosphere surrounding the win. The Queen of Hearts scratch-off, a $5 ticket offering a grand prize of $75,000, has captivated lottery enthusiasts. However, as of June 10, 2024, all top prizes in the game have been claimed.

Beyond individual wins, the Ohio Lottery has been a steadfast supporter of education, contributing over $32 billion since its inception in 1974. To learn more about the Ohio Lottery’s commitment to education and its impact on communities, visit www.ohiolottery.com/supportingeducation.