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Peak Season for Fall Foliage, When are the Full Colors?


OHIO – The time is upon us for the leaves to start turning colors and fall is in the air, the question is when will we see the most change? Some of the best views for a drive in Southern Ohio are just weeks away.

First lets talk about what causes the leaves to change, so when you are driving with your loved ones you can inform them of the science behind it. From Spring through Summer trees produce hues of green in the constant creation of Chlorophyl a key component in the tree or plants ability to harvest sunlight into glucose this is how trees and plants feed. Its the Chlorphyl that saturates the leaves that turn them green, without the Chlorphyl the leaves would be the same color as you see them in the fall showing the true colors of the trees.


So why does this happen? Tree do this to survive the winter, perennials shut down veins to their branches that carry water and nutrients forming a barrier to protect the tree until spring. This cut off kills the leaves and then they slowly fall from the trees. In the spring the tree opens its passages back up and begins to form new nutrient creating leaves.

According to fall foliage map prediction here, change is just starting now (September 27), and will bloom to full peak of colors by October 26th. Weekend trips to areas of large collection of trees would be suggested on October 12th, 19th, and 26th.