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Parents Raise Concern Over Sex Ed Book on Display in Childrens Section of Pickaway County Library


PICKAWAY – The local Circleville Library is coming under some fire from some parents concerned over a book thats on display that teaches young children, where babies come from.

The book titled, “Making a Baby,” is defined by the book writers as a, “ inclusive guide to how every family begins is an honest, cheerful tool for conversations between parents and their young ones.” The book is aimed at children 6-12 years of age, and shows illustrations of how people make babies, including both male and female sex parts and frontal nudity, and talks about people in a gender-neutral inclusive way.

Local Parents went on social media warning parents that the book was on display by the guinea pig cage and her concern with the placement of the book and children’s attraction to the animals. In the social media post, she asked the librarian if the book could be moved since not all parents feel that the book should be accessible to young children, but she was told no.

In the post the parent said, “If you are a parent who enjoys the library with your children, or are simply a concerned local citizen, please contact the library and attend a meeting.”

One person on the post said, “Ok as you know I am a very open-minded person. With that said, this even made me cringe. I’m all about teaching children correct body part names and body safety, but this is not in good taste. This type of thing should be a private subject between the parents and the child at an appropriate time decided by them as a family.”

Some parents feel a book like this would help teach young children about where children come from, some parents are more concerned about it. How do you feel?