Home News PARENTAL ALERT: New “crush” trend for middle schoolers

PARENTAL ALERT: New “crush” trend for middle schoolers


A Facebook post is going viral after a mother in North Carolina posted about a gift that middle school girls have been giving her son.

Over the years there have been many ways that school kids gave each other something special to show they have a crush, mix tapes, jackets, hoodies, rings, bracelets, love letters, ect.

The newest item in 2019 is the scrunchie.

Emily Covington posted a “PSA to ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL MOMS!” recently that has been shared more than 44,000 times.

In her Facebook post, Covington said her laundry pile had racked up 6 scrunchies in one week.

PSA to ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL MOMS!Are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? Feel like you're buying them…

Posted by Emily Covington on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

CovingtonĀ told Good Morning AmericaĀ that her inbox has been flooded with messages from other moms saying thank you for the PSA.

“One week there were all these scrunchies in the dryer,” she said. “The first batch, I didn’t think anything of and tossed them in the trash thinking it was a fluke or maybe even mine that I forgot.”

She said when she started to see them more, she finally asked her son what was going on.

He told her that when a girl likes a boy, she gives him her scrunchie, then he wears it on his wrist.

“But I guess if a boy likes a girl, he gives her his hoodie. I told my son he better be careful ’cause I’m not buying him any new ones and it could be a very cold winter,” she told GMA.