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Over 45 Years in Business, Now Grandson Steps in to Continue High Quailty HVAC+ Service


PICKAWAY – Leroy’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has been a credible local business for over 45 years.  Leroy Fout, a Vietnam Veteran, started the company in 1972 with several years under his belt from working at another company. “I educated myself; I went to school and studied everything about heating and cooling.  I’ve always had an interest in it, so I’ve continued to educate myself on the new techniques and new systems it has helped me be successful in the 48 years of business.”

“My grandson Josh has been helping and showing interest in heating and cooling since he was 12.  When he was little, he helped hold the light or get tools, even then he was a good helper.  Now Josh is educated, he’s certified; he’s been working for me for 5-6 years.  I trust him to do the hard stuff now, and it’s nice to have that load off.  I’m still involved in problem-solving, sales, and technical work, and available to Josh, but he’s just as capable.  I just want him to be better than me; I want him to take care of people treat them right, always leave them happy.  I have trained Josh in all the techniques of the company to make sure we always treat the customer right,” said Fout.

Josh went to Pickaway-Ross first for electrical and then graduated from Circleville High School.  “Started my schooling with Grandfather working my tail off!  I’m certified and licensed I’ve been to hundreds of schools.  I keep schooled on the newest technology I read; I look up the latest stuff on the internet I stay on top of it, that’s what maintained my grandfather’s successful business and will help keep me successful.  I love it; I love helping get the heat back on for people, helping them makes me feel good.  I wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t this, this has always been my direction, said Josh.

“We feel comfortable giving him most of the work; he’s a good hard worker that wants to help people.  We are proud of him; we know he will treat our customers right.  Each job we go on can be a challenge, and we like the challenge that’s what we enjoy in this job.  You have to be honest with people.  I’ve seen some techs leave customers in some dangerous situations we won’t do that,” said Leroy’s Heating and Cooling.

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