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Outrage over doctored ABC News Syrian War Videos


Last night, viewers reported that a segment on ABC News was showing overly-familiar video to them of a supposed recent strike on Kurdish forces operating in Syria by Turkey.

The supposed video shows a “slaughter” against the Kurdish forces which have been fighting ISIS in Northern Syria.

As noted, the footage of the supposed slaughter of Kurdish forces is actually the annual Knob Creek machine gun festival held in Kentucky. During this event, many war-era firearm collectors get together and shoot machine guns along with the use of pyrotechnic & explosive devices to create a movie-grade warzone.

Here’s the un-edited version from the 2017 night-shoot at Knob Creek. As many of our viewers have noted, ABC’s footage edited out the large crowd of spectators along with their applause of the shooting event.

Update : It appears the original has now been set to private, so here’s one of the backup videos with the comparison of the ABC Vs Knob Creek videos. Additionally now, The Scioto Post is being accused of making the fake videos in the first place.


Update #2: ABC News has now released an apology regarding the video used in the report.