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OHSAA Expands Tournament Divisions for Fairer Play for Athletes!


Columbus, Ohio (February 16, 2024) – In a major overhaul, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has approved a new system for determining the number of divisions in postseason tournaments, aiming to level the playing field for student-athletes.

Key Changes:

  • More Divisions: Girls and boys soccer will now have five divisions, while girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, softball, and baseball will all jump to seven divisions.
  • Smaller Divisions I & II: Division I and II in these sports will only include the 64 largest schools, creating more balanced competition throughout.
  • Effective Fall 2024: These changes will kick in for the upcoming fall season.


The goal of these changes is to address concerns about enrollment disparities within divisions. Previously, some divisions had hundreds of schools competing, putting smaller schools at a significant disadvantage.

OHSAA Executive Director Doug Ute:

“For too long, the largest schools have had an unfair advantage,” Ute said. “This new system ensures more students have a chance to compete and achieve their athletic dreams.”

Additional Points:

  • The number of football divisions (seven) remains unchanged.
  • Changes to the Competitive Balance process might need member school approval.
  • Each year, the Board of Directors has final say on the number of divisions.

Positive Impact:

  • More opportunities for athletes to compete and win championships.
  • Potential for increased revenue due to more tournament games.
  • Level playing field for schools of all sizes.

Overall, this decision represents a significant shift in OHSAA’s approach to postseason tournaments, prioritizing fairness and opportunity for all athletes.