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OhioHealth Berger Hospital Recognizes Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donors during Donate Life Month


Circleville, Ohio – In commemoration of Donate Life Month, OhioHealth Berger Hospital held a poignant flag-raising ceremony on Tuesday, April 23, to honor the selfless contributions of organ, eye, and tissue donors. The event, conducted in collaboration with Lifeline of Ohio, underscored the vital importance of donation awareness and celebrated the legacy of generosity left by donors.

Jessie Borden, Lifeline of Ohio’s donation program coordinator, expressed the profound impact of donation on families, describing it as an invaluable opportunity to perpetuate a loved one’s legacy. “To watch your loved one continue to impact the world years after they are gone is priceless,” remarked Borden. “Hospitals like Berger give families the opportunity to turn a tragedy into something positive and that is very healing.”

OhioHealth Berger Hospital has cultivated a longstanding partnership with Lifeline of Ohio, spanning over a decade. Gwen Moore, whose daughter Katie became an organ donor six years ago, shared her family’s journey during the event, highlighting the solace and dignity provided by healthcare and Lifeline staff throughout the donation process. “During the donation process, healthcare and Lifeline staff treated her with dignity and as a human being,” Moore recalled emotionally. “My daughter had a complicated past, but when she left the hospital that day, she was a hero.”

Casey Liddy, president of Berger Hospital, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to fostering hope and healing within the community through its affiliation with Lifeline of Ohio. “Donate Life Month is a time of advocacy and education,” Liddy stated, “and it offers us the opportunity to honor those in our communities who have given the gift of life to others.”

According to Borden, the impact of donation extends far beyond the individual donor:

  • One organ donor can save eight lives.
  • One tissue donor can heal more than 75 people.
  • One placenta donor provides 25 grafts used to heal surgery sites and other wounds.
  • In Ohio, over 3,100 people are awaiting lifesaving organ transplants.

In addition to the flag-raising ceremony, Berger Hospital commemorated donors by installing a pinwheel garden, serving as a poignant reminder of the lives touched by the generosity of donors receiving care at the hospital.

Community members are encouraged to register as donors at www.registerme.org, extending the legacy of giving and hope to those in need of lifesaving transplants.