Home News OHIO – Woman Arrested for Large Burns to a 5-Year-Old

OHIO – Woman Arrested for Large Burns to a 5-Year-Old


Arrest Made in Child Abuse Investigation

Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin has issued a statement regarding an arrest that has been made in a child abuse case involving a five-year-old child.

“On Thursday June 6, 2024 at approximately 8:26 p.m, emergency medical personnel were dispatched to a call of a medical emergency involving a five-year-old female child on Hannan Trace Road in Guyan Township. Upon the arrival, emergency medical personnel determined that the child had sustained severe burns to a large portion of her body. The child was transported to a Huntington area medical center to receive treatment for the burns.

As a result of this event, our team of detectives have conducted a thorough investigation into this situation and have determined that the injuries are a direct result of intentional acts committed by an adult entrusted to care for this innocent child. This individual was taken into custody by detectives on Sunday, June 9, 2024 and has been incarcerated in the Gallia County Jail for child endangerment, a felony of the third degree, after consultation with Prosecuting Attorney Jason Holdren. She is identified as Malynda R. Harrison, age 22, of Crown City, Ohio.

I want to personally thank the first responders who provided the care for this young child on the night that she suffered these horrible injuries. I would also like to thank and praise our detectives who have worked diligently to seek justice for this child to ensure that her abuser is held accountable” stated Sheriff Champlin.