Home News Ohio Valley Weather: Patchy Frost Expected Tonight, Cool Pattern Continues

Ohio Valley Weather: Patchy Frost Expected Tonight, Cool Pattern Continues


Residents of the Ohio Valley can expect a shift in weather patterns tonight as high pressure settles across the region, leading to gradual clearing and the possibility of patchy frost. Temperatures are forecasted to drop into the mid-30s overnight, with colder valleys experiencing freezing temperatures.

This cool pattern will persist into Monday, with high pressure moving eastward towards the Atlantic Coast. Despite the cool temperatures, ample sunshine is expected throughout the day. However, cloud cover will increase later in the evening, keeping temperatures in the 40s.

As Tuesday approaches, a northern system is anticipated to sweep across the Great Lakes, bringing showers and breezy conditions to the region. These conditions are expected to taper off with the passage of a cold front early Wednesday, reinforcing the chilly late April weather pattern.

Wednesday is forecasted to be breezy and cool, with the possibility of frost returning Thursday morning as high pressure builds down from Canada. However, sunny skies are expected throughout the day.

Later on Friday, clouds are expected to increase as a storm approaches from the west. This system will bring on and off showers throughout the weekend, but temperatures are anticipated to rise, with highs reaching the mid-70s.

Residents are advised to stay updated on weather forecasts as conditions may change.