Home News Ohio Teen Angler Reels in State Record 101.11 Pound Blue Catfish

Ohio Teen Angler Reels in State Record 101.11 Pound Blue Catfish


Ohio – A 15-year-old teen girl says she caught a fish that’s almost bigger than her.

In a remarkable display of angling prowess, 15-year-old Jaylynn Parker from New Richmond, Ohio, has potentially shattered a state record by landing a colossal blue catfish weighing in at a staggering 101.11 pounds.

Jaylynn, who has been honing her fishing skills alongside her father, Chuck Parker, since childhood, was accompanied by Chuck and family friend Jeff Sams during the fateful fishing expedition along the banks of New Richmond.

Official confirmation from state authorities, Jaylynn’s catch has officially rewritten the angling annals of Ohio, marking it the largest wild-caught blue catfish in the state’s history. Reflecting on the monumental catch, Jaylynn expressed gratitude for the support of her father and Jeff, acknowledging their pivotal roles in the achievement.

“Obviously, I needed help with the fish since I’m only 117 pounds myself, without Jeff and my dad this wouldn’t have been possible,” she humbly stated.

The community of New Richmond is buzzing with excitement over Jaylynn’s extraordinary feat, with locals eagerly awaiting the official recognition of her potential record-breaking catch.

Total size of the catfish is, 56 inches in length and 39 girth 101.11 pounds