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Ohio Streamlines Building Codes to Ease Business Compliance


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the implementation of the 2024 Ohio Building, Mechanical, and Plumbing Codes (OBC, OMC, OPC) on March 1, 2024. These revised codes aim to simplify regulations and reduce burdens on businesses.

Key Points:

  • Reduced word count: The new rules represent a significant reduction in complexity, with over 610,000 words removed, simplifying the code and making it easier to understand and follow.
  • Fewer restrictions: Regulations have been streamlined, resulting in:
    • 90% fewer words and 10,000 fewer restrictions in the Ohio Building Code.
    • 85% fewer words and 2,500 fewer restrictions in the Mechanical Code.
    • 75% fewer words and 1,800 fewer restrictions in the Plumbing Code.
  • Public safety maintained: Despite the reduction in complexity, public safety remains a priority. The codes are based on the latest international standards and continue to ensure safe construction practices.
  • Improved resources: Training materials, including a video briefing, are available to help stakeholders understand the changes and navigate the new codes.

Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted credit the Ohio Board of Building Standards and the Common Sense Initiative for their roles in streamlining the codes. This initiative aims to reduce redundancy and unnecessary regulations within the Ohio Administrative Code, making it easier for businesses and individuals to comply.

Overall, the revised building codes reflect a commitment to:

  • Simplified regulations: Reducing unnecessary complexity and making the codes more user-friendly.
  • Business-friendly environment: Making it easier for businesses to comply with regulations and focus on growth.
  • Public safety: Maintaining high safety standards in construction projects.