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Ohio Senate Introduces Bill to Retain Front License Plates in Ohio, Police Support it


OHIO – Two State Senators, Law enforcement leaders, and Taxi Companies are pushing to re-instate Ohio’s two license plate system.

In July lawmakers agreed to a one plate system as a compromise deal in the two-year state transportation budget bill in July. Dewine signed the bill into law, and it is set to come into effect on July 1 2020.

Now two State Senators, Joe Uecker and Jay Hottinger, both Republicans have introduced Senate Bill 179 to re-instate the two license plate system before it goes into effect.

Buckeye Sheriff’s Association, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the Fraternal Order of Police Ohio, and Grove City Police have made statements in support of the new bill. Two ride share companies, Uber and Lyft, have also come forward in support of keeping front license plates on vehicles. Uber and Lyft agree this is a common sense solution to help increase license plate visibility and safety for their customers.

“We are grateful to former Senator Uecker & Senator Hottinger for introducing SB 179, aiming to maintain the requirement for a front license plate since this helps provide riders with important safety information,” wrote Uber’s Kevin Kerr in his letter. “We are writing to express our support for this effort and for this legislation – we believe the requirement of a front license plate can create a safer environment for all users.” Wrote Lyft’s Matt Patton: “Dual plates are a common-sense solution to help increase license plate visibility” for their customers.

Eliminating the front plate could save 1.4 million per year according to analysis from the Legislative Service Commission.

To read the bill in entirety click blue link