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Ohio Ranks Number 2 for Most Candy Loving, You’ll Be Surprised What Candy is the Favorite


US – Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re planning to pass out candy, you might want to know what candies the neighborhood kids are most likely to enjoy because it could save your house from being the victim of a Halloween prank. 

The team at Innerbody Research wanted to know which candy is the most searched for in each state, so we analyzed Google search queries to see what people are shopping for this Halloween.

  • Dubble Bubble Gum was the least popular candy in the U.S. by far in 44 states.
  • 28 states showed no interest in Dubble Bubble Gum and at least one other type of candy.
  • Charms Blow Pops and Jolly Ranchers were tied for the type of candy of greatest interest to the most states (seven).
  • With the highest combined search value (1,508), Utah is the most candy-loving state.
  • Alaska, with the lowest combined search value (616), loved (or at least searched for) candy the least.

Ohio Study Highlights

  • Ohio ranks #2 for most candy loving state based on overall search volume
  • Starbursts are the #1 candy in Ohio, but Nebraska loves Starbursts slightly more (87% vs 100% of queries)
  • Columbus, Cincinnati, and Youngstown are the top 3 cities searching for Starbursts in Ohio
  • Hot Tamales are the least loved candies in Ohio – Hot Tamales are also the least liked candy in 5 other states

You can see the entire study here: https://www.innerbody.com/top-candies-by-state