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Ohio Power Siting Board Approves $1 Billion Oak Run Solar Project in Madison County with Ties to Microsoft


Madison County, Ohio – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) has given the green light to the Oak Run Solar Project, an ambitious endeavor set to become the largest solar power generation facility in Ohio’s history. Developed by Savion Energy, the project is poised to revolutionize energy production in the Buckeye State with its innovative combination of solar generation, battery storage, and agrivoltaics.

The Oak Run Solar Project, located in Madison County north of London near Plumwood, will span 6,000 acres and feature an 800-megawatt (MW) solar array coupled with a 300 MW battery energy storage system. What sets this project apart is its integration of agrivoltaics, dedicating vast stretches of land between the solar panel rows to agricultural cultivation. This innovative approach marks the largest agrivoltaic project in Ohio, promising economic and environmental benefits to the region.

According to projections, the project will inject an estimated $250 million in tax revenue into Madison County over its 35-year operational life. Additionally, it is expected to create several hundred construction jobs during the 4- to 8-year construction phase and dozens of long-term jobs once operational.

Nolan Rutschilling, Managing Director of Energy Policy at the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC), hailed the approval of the Oak Run Solar Project as a milestone for clean energy in Ohio. He emphasized the project’s role in advancing renewable energy and addressing climate change while lauding its potential to innovate agriculture practices.

The Oak Run Solar Project also garnered attention for its notable landowner, billionaire and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. A significant portion of the project site, approximately 4,400 acres, belongs to Gates’ Midwest Farms LLC.

Despite facing opposition from some locals, the project received praise from local union officials for its potential to create 1,500 construction jobs and contribute to rural community development.

As Ohio continues its transition towards clean energy, the Oak Run Solar Project stands as a testament to innovation and progress in the state’s renewable energy sector.