Home News Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Combat Squatting and Strengthen Homeowner Rights

Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Combat Squatting and Strengthen Homeowner Rights


COLUMBUS – State Representatives Jeff LaRe (R-Violet Twp.) and Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) unveiled new legislation aimed at providing homeowners with stronger protections against squatting while imposing harsher penalties on offenders.

The proposed bill, introduced yesterday, addresses the issue of squatting by outlining clear remedies for property owners to address unauthorized individuals occupying their premises. Under the legislation, homeowners would have the right to request intervention from the county sheriff to remove squatters from their property.

Representative LaRe emphasized the importance of closing existing loopholes in Ohio law that may enable squatters to exploit property owners. “This bill will directly protect Ohio property owners and close loopholes in Ohio law that squatters may currently be able to take advantage of,” stated LaRe.

Echoing LaRe’s sentiments, Representative Edwards stressed the significance of safeguarding the rights of homeowners. “It’s important we protect the rights of our home and property owners,” said Edwards. “This legislation will provide a clear and expedient way for owners to have squatters removed from their properties.”

Additionally, the proposed legislation designates squatting as a first-degree misdemeanor. In cases where the squatter causes damage to the property exceeding $5,000, the offense would escalate to a fourth-degree felony, reflecting the severity of the violation.

The bill now awaits assignment of a bill number and referral to a House committee for further consideration. If enacted, the legislation aims to bolster homeowner rights and deter individuals from engaging in squatting activities across Ohio.