Home News Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Property Tax Freeze Amidst Rising Costs

Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Property Tax Freeze Amidst Rising Costs

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Columbus, Ohio – February 13, 2024 – In response to growing concerns over rising property taxes, State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) has introduced House Bill 402, aiming to temporarily freeze property taxes at 2022 levels.

This move seeks to provide immediate relief to Ohio homeowners grappling with significant property tax increases. “Ensuring Ohioans can stay and age in their homes is crucial,” stated Schmidt, highlighting the bill’s aim to “alleviate the inflated tax burdens” faced by citizens.

The bill hinges on the work of the Joint Committee on Property Tax Review and Reform, established in the state’s 2023 budget. This committee is tasked with comprehensively reviewing Ohio’s property tax system and proposing reforms to the General Assembly.

House Bill 402 currently awaits assignment to a House committee, marking the first step in its legislative journey. As the bill progresses, it will face debate and potential amendments before a final vote by the full House and then the Senate.

Supporters of the bill hope it will offer much-needed respite for homeowners while the Joint Committee develops long-term solutions. However, opponents might raise concerns about the potential impact on local government budgets and the long-term effectiveness of a freeze.

Whether House Bill 402 will ultimately become law remains to be seen, but it certainly underscores the ongoing issue of property taxes in Ohio and the search for sustainable solutions.