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Ohio House Passes Legislation to Expand 2A Gun Rights


COLUMBUS—The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 272, legislation that will give local governments the permissive authority to expand concealed carry access. The measure was spearheaded by State Reps. Adam Mathews (R-Lebanon) and Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County).

House Bill 272 will grant local governments the permissive authority to allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon within certain general, multi-purpose community centers. Under current law, Ohioans are prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon within a courtroom or any building containing a courtroom, regardless of whether a court is in session or the building is being used as a courthouse.

“This legislation clarifies the law and empowers municipalities like the ones in my district,” said Mathews.  “This is a victory for both Second Amendment rights and responsible governance.”

“This legislation will extend our smaller municipalities the same rights as our larger ones with respect to local control of concealed carry,” said Pizzulli. “I’m grateful to see this common-sense legislation cross the finish line in the Ohio House.

Under the bill, local governments may permit the carrying of a concealed weapon within such buildings if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The building is not a designated courthouse, but a building in which a courtroom is simply located.
  • The building in which the courtroom is located is a government building under the jurisdiction of the relevant local government.
  • Court is not in session and the building is not being used for court purposes when weapons are allowed inside.
  • The relevant local government has voluntarily enacted an ordinance allowing citizens to carry a weapon when the building is being used for non-court related purposes.

House Bill 272 awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.