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Ohio Attorney General Issues Warning as Fentanyl Crisis Persists


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sheds light on the ongoing prevalence of fentanyl in Ohio as the nation commemorates National Fentanyl Awareness Day, designated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on May 7th. The day aims to raise awareness about the public health crisis stemming from illegal fentanyl use and to rally efforts to prevent further tragic deaths.

Yost, emphasizing the devastating impact of fentanyl on Ohioans’ lives, warns against the dangers of consuming pills not prescribed by a doctor due to the uncertainty surrounding their contents. Last year, Ohio witnessed 3,579 fentanyl-related opioid deaths out of a total of 3,651 opioid fatalities, illustrating the magnitude of the state’s struggle with illegal fentanyl.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s (BCI) laboratory, the largest criminal drug lab in Ohio, reports a significant number of cases involving fentanyl, which continues to be a prevalent substance in drug-evidence samples. Fentanyl has surpassed heroin as a public health threat since 2018, with illicitly manufactured versions often containing chemically modified forms whose potency and toxicity remain unknown.

Fentanyl, found in various forms such as pills and powder, is frequently mixed with other drugs by traffickers, increasing the risk of dangerous interactions in the body. Carfentanil, an analogue of fentanyl, remains a serious concern in Ohio due to its extreme potency. Despite a decline in its prevalence, recent data from BCI’s lab indicates a resurgence in carfentanil presence, particularly in northeastern Ohio.

Yost urges individuals who suspect exposure to fentanyl or carfentanil to seek immediate medical attention and notify law enforcement. Law enforcement officers and first responders are advised to exercise caution and wear appropriate protective gear when handling evidence suspected of containing these substances.