Home News Newark Gun Shop Looted in Stolen Car Smash and Grab

Newark Gun Shop Looted in Stolen Car Smash and Grab

photo credits: Buckeye Gun Dealer

NEWARK – A stolen car was used in a gun smash and grab that connected Columbus and Newark.

According to Columbus Police a BMW was stolen at gun point inside the city last night, that car was driven to Newark where it was used as a battering ram to gain access into Buckeye Gun Dealer located at 910 North 21st street in Newark.

According to a social media post by the gun dealership, the store will be closed until further notice due to the damage to the store and the number of guns and ammo that was taken.

“They stole a lot and did an incredible amount of damage. Please bare with us for lay-away, delays, web orders, etc. We’ll make sure you are all taken care of once the building is safe,” said the owner of Buckeye Gun Dealer on the post.

Police are currently investigating the crime, no arrests have been yet.