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“Will I See The Pumpkin Man” Written by Circleville High School Students


CIRCLEVILLE – “Will I See The Pumpkin Man?” the title and big question in the new children’s book written by Aubrey Smith and junior Jayla Parsons, and illustrated by Jaymen Salas and Mearan “Buzz” Bahney all Circleville High School Students.

The idea for the book came from two teachers Soni Grady fine arts teacher and Monica Lombardo. Those two teachers looked for volunteers to write a book about the Pumpkin Show because there are not any.

The book a children’s fiction tells the tale of a little girl names Lizzie that hopes to see the Pumpkin Man at the annual Pumpkin Show. The book shows Lizzie looking but not finding the Pumpkin man as he pops out in places on every page just out of her sight. In the end, well ill leave that up to you to read it, Circleville City Schools is selling copies here: Circleville Website 

The Pumpkin Man is iconic of the Pumpkin Show and is local Circleville Resident Tom Egbert who has portrayed the character 25 of its 42 years. The Pumpkin man can be seen all over The Pumpkin Show and in parades, he also made a appearance in the Pumpkin Show mural located in Downtown Circleville.

On October 3rd the High School creators presented the 1st grade class with one of the first readings publicly of the book, and shortly after the reading and presentation Pumpkin Man himself appeared delighting the students.