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New Business: Upscale Mexican Restaurant to Open Downtown


DOWNTOWN CIRCLEVILLE –  A location downtown that has been empty for several years may finally be filled with a need food choice.

According to Richard Rhoades post on the DBA facebook group he claims that a new restaurant is coming into 129 West Main street.  He says they have signed a lease and will begin modifications of the restaurant within a month or two and will open this summer.

Last year Nonna’s Restaurant planned to open a Italian steak house in this location but because of not being able to obtain a liquor license decided not to open.

Since then paperwork was filed in July by Paul Johnson and Richard Rhodes, the Revitalization District plan is a newly-created segment of the Ohio Revised Code that “includes a combination of entertainment, retail, educational, sporting, social, and cultural or arts establishments within a close proximity to hotels, retail, restaurants and other commercial enterprises”. Created in 2008, its goal is to assist in the re-development of municipalities with populations of less than 100,000 people. The law allows for additional D5-class liquor licenses, which allow liquor sales as late as 2:30am on a daily basis. The law would allow the creation of 15 additional liquor permits within the Revitalization District, but restricts them to restaurants that will generate 75% of incomes by other, non-alcoholic means such as food.

Update According to local sources the Upscale Mexican Restaurant that is coming to Circleville is El Pedregal Mexican Restaurant in Lithopolis that is expanding into Circleville.

El Pedregal is known for its margaritas and was voted best place to get a margarita in central Ohio recently by NBC4.






  1. Just what we need is another Mexican restaurant we need a all u can eat buffet every time there is a new restaurant n this townits always pizza Chinese hamburgers Mexican restaurant we need a steak house also when are we ever gonna get one of those to !!!!

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