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New Business – Tea of Life Apothecary in Chillicothe Downtown


CHILLICOTHE – The Tea of Life Apothecary is the newest addition to the Chillicothe Downtown with the scheduled opening in July. Located at 45 Paint Street, this apothecary will offer a variety of natural products and herbs to assist in facilitating health and wellness. The shop will also offer curated herbal teas that aid a large variety of health-related ailments and conditions.
In addition to the teas, herbs, tinctures, and select supplements, the apothecary will offer a large selection of essential oils and handmade oil products that focus on a variety of health-related conditions. All of the products available are natural, homeopathic, and holistic and can help assist a healthy lifestyle.

“The positive impact that teas, oils, and herbs can have on overall health and wellness is understated,” stated Angel Altman, owner of the Tea of Life Apothecary. “The products that we carry offer valuable support to those who are seeking wellness and healthier alternatives when used alongside healthy lifestyle choices. These options pair well with treatment methods prescribed by medical professionals. Our mission with the Tea of Life Apothecary is to educate and provide people with the simplicity and understanding of how easy it can be to heal the mind, body, and spirit.”
Angel Altman, the owner and operator of the apothecary is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of nursing but has focused the past eight years on the functional medicine field. She is also a certified Holistic Aromatherapist. She has personally experienced the healing impact that these products and disciplines can provide. By utilizing the teas, oils, and a strict lifestyle regimen focusing on releasing suppressed emotions, Angel has managed an autoimmune condition over the past five years that is now in remission.
“Changing my lifestyle was an overwhelming and a struggle to stick with at first,” Angel said, “however, I soon found that it was working and now the regimen has become my lifestyle which is allowing me to enjoy my life. I feel better at 48 years old than I did at 38! That is why I know that these lifestyle changes and products do provide a positive impact on health and wellness.”  
Angel will also be offering Nurse Coaching sessions in which clients can work one-on-one with her on ways to improve health and wellness. She will also be offering Vitality Sessions that help to facilitate energy flow in the body.
The Tea of Life Apothecary is scheduled to open in mid-July. For more information, please visit teaoflifeapothecary.com