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New Business – Scippo Creek LLC – Liquidation Services Circleville


Circleville – A new auction house is opening up in the Circleville area.

Brad Parrett, a father of two and grandfather of 13, along with his wife Kristina Parrett, who shares the same familial roles, have dedicated decades to serving their community. With Brad’s 24 years of service, including 11 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Ross County, 9 years as a State Police Officer, and 4 years as a Federal Police Officer at the Chillicothe VA, and Kristina’s 16 years of work in EMS in Ross County, they have both exemplified a commitment to public service.

Brad, also the fourth generation to live and farm his family’s farm in Pickaway County, and Kristina, a seasoned professional who now runs an Airbnb called Scippo Creek Farm Airbnb, are no strangers to hard work and community engagement. Additionally, Kristina partners with her daughter to run an online boutique, further showcasing their dedication to entrepreneurship and community involvement.

Their latest endeavor involves opening an auction house, a venture they believe will not only be enjoyable but also enriching for their community. The auction house will feature a wide array of merchandise, sourced from truckloads of items purchased from stores like Lowe’s, Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. All items will be meticulously displayed one hour prior to each sale, ensuring a seamless and professional auction experience.

To bring their vision to life, Brad and Kristina have partnered with Daniel DeGarmo, also known as Double D, who operates two auction houses in Chillicothe and Washington Court House. With Daniel’s expertise and their shared passion for community engagement, Brad and Kristina aim to create an inclusive and vibrant space where locals can come together, interact, and find unique treasures.

With their combined experience in public service, entrepreneurship, and community building, Brad and Kristina Parrett are poised to make a positive impact with their new auction house venture, further cementing their legacy of service and dedication to their community.