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New Business: Circle City Events and Fun Center will Offer Something for Kids in Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – Peggy and Leonard Ooten decided to take on a new adventure and use their skills to open something in the area for kids, in May that idea will open.

Circle City events and fun center will be located on the North Side of Circleville in the old Carnival strip mall location.

“We raised three kids and we often went to these kinds of places and thought this would bring something to the area that we don’t have,” said Peggy Owner, “The area had event centers but nothing that focuses on kids and we wanted to create that.”

The location will have bright colors and six or Seven bounce houses at the start Peggy told Sciotopost, they will offer an obstacle course, private party rooms, concessions, events, and themed family party nights. They expect to expand their offering in time and offer more as the business grows.

Plans to open will be in April to early May.

The center said that they plan to book parties for June starting in May.

The Ootens who currently run the 1250 Court street event center told us that they didn’t expect the event center to take off so fast, so this has been a very fluid quickly moving enterprise for them. They will have family that will help them with the event center when it opens.

Hours have not yet been determined, follow the page here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088499327520 for updates