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NEW BUSINESS: Believe in Fitness


CIRCLEVILLE – Lacey Elliott is a certified personal trainer that has been training and working out of her home for years now.  That all changed yesterday July 25,2018 with the grand opening of her workout fitness facility located at 121 East Franklin Street in Circleville.  Believe in Fitness slogan, “There is no Elevator to Success, You Must Take the Stairs.”

Representative Gary Scherer was present to award Believe in Fitness with a special recognition of the grand opening.

Elliott says, “this will make a more centralized place for her clients, and open the opportunity to get new clients that couldn’t travel to her personal house before.  She will be offering open gym on hours and days she’s is training currently, but believes in no time she will have the cliental to be open most day hours.”

Believe in Fitness was stocked with barbels, treadmills, and workout stations needed for the job.  Elliott also blocked off a special corner for children that came with parents durning workout sessions.

“Being a athlete in high school and now in college Lacy has helped me keep up my strength.  She’s always supported me and encouraged me since I was a freshmen in high school to now a sophomore in college,” Katie Mcilroy Client.

“Lacey has always been that big sister to me, being able to work out in a environment that I felt comfortable.  She helped me especially in high school with swim.  She has always been a great support for me through my high school years,” Maria Mckibben.

“Due to health issues, Lacey has always been able to work around my issues and still get me where I need to be training wise.  Ive been with Lacey for 3 years in February,”  Heather Sype.

For more information on Believe in Fitness check out the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/believeinfitnessllc/