Home News National Weather Service Confirms EF3 Tornado Struck Lakeview, Ohio

National Weather Service Confirms EF3 Tornado Struck Lakeview, Ohio

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National Weather Service Confirms EF3 Tornado Struck Lakeview, Ohio

Wilmington, OH (AP) – The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Wilmington, Ohio, has confirmed that a powerful EF3 tornado touched down near Lakeview in Logan County on Thursday, March 14th, 2024. This same tornado caused significant damage in the Orchard Island area.

Enhanced Rating Based on Damage Assessment

Following a comprehensive analysis and review process, the NWS upgraded the initial tornado rating. This upgrade reflects the severity of the damage sustained in the affected areas. The EF scale is used to classify tornadoes based on estimated wind speeds and the resulting damage. An EF3 tornado on this scale is capable of producing winds from 136 to 165 mph (218 to 266 kph), causing severe damage.

Detailed Report to Follow

The NWS emphasizes that this is a developing story. Additional information regarding the extent of the damage will be disseminated once survey teams have meticulously assessed the impact zone. The survey is being conducted in the aftermath of the severe thunderstorms that swept through the region on March 14th.

Public Information Release Anticipated

A final comprehensive assessment, encompassing the results of the ongoing survey, is anticipated to be completed within the next few days. The NWS will then transmit this information via a formal Public Information Statement.

Public Access to Storm Survey Data

For those seeking more granular details concerning the storm survey, the NWS advises visiting their website at http://ww.weather.gov/iln. This website will be updated to include the official report once it is finalized.

The confirmation of an EF3 tornado underscores the destructive potential of severe weather events. The NWS remains committed to providing timely and accurate information to the public in the wake of such occurrences.