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National – Police Department Called to Home Because of Cold War Nuclear Rocket


Bellevue, WA – Imagine stumbling upon a piece of Cold War history while cleaning out your neighbor’s garage. That’s exactly what happened to a Bellevue resident this week, only to discover it wasn’t quite what it seemed. The object in question? A seemingly real military-grade rocket.

The drama began with a phone call. An Air Force museum in Dayton received an inquiry from a Bellevue resident wanting to donate an unusual item inherited from their deceased neighbor. Purchased at an estate sale, the resident believed it to be a military-grade rocket. Naturally, the museum flagged the authorities.

Enter the Bellevue Police Department’s bomb squad. Arriving at the scene, they cautiously approached the potential explosive. Upon closer inspection, the bomb squad identified the object as a Douglas AIR-2 Genie rocket – a vintage air-to-air rocket once designed to carry a nuclear warhead. Thankfully, the warhead itself was missing, and a sigh of relief filled the air. But the story doesn’t end there.

Despite its imposing appearance, the bomb squad confirmed the rocket to be completely inert, devoid of any fuel or explosive material. It was essentially a historical artifact, a relic of a bygone era. With no military interest in reclaiming the item, the authorities made a surprising decision: they allowed the resident to keep it!

This unusual turn of events serves as a reminder of the fascinating pieces of history that can sometimes be found in unexpected places. While the initial scare was real, the outcome highlights the importance of proper procedures and collaboration between the public, museums, and law enforcement in handling potential dangers and preserving historical artifacts.

So, the next time you’re cleaning out a dusty attic or garage, keep your eyes peeled – you never know what hidden treasures might be lurking!