Home News Mustangs Street Racing in Ross County, One Wins Ticket

Mustangs Street Racing in Ross County, One Wins Ticket


ROSS – A pair of Mustangs decided to see who was faster around 10 pm last night on US-23 one of them would really lose after a Deputy got involved in the race.

According to Ross County Sheriff department on 01/14/22 22:17 while a Deputy was patroling southbound US-23 just North of the US23/US34 connected he witnessed two Ford Mustangs street racing Westbound on US-35.

The Deputy was able to keep a visual of one of the Mustangs and identify the plate number. When he caught up to the Mustang he turned on his lights and stopped the vehicle just south of US-23 and Main street where he engaged the driver.

The driver then explained to law enforcement that,
“it was stupid for making the decision to race. Anthony advised he did not know who the other driver was. He then said that the other driver pulled up beside him and kept wanting to race therefore he raced him.”

There was moderate traffic on both US-35 Westbound and US-23 Southbound. Several vehicles, as well as their occupants, were put in
harms way due to the reckless driving and high rate of speed that the Mustangs were traveling.

He was issued Uniform Traffic Citation #37437 for Street Racing and Reckless Operation.