Home News Morrow County Humane Society Offering Reward for Dog Abuse Case

Morrow County Humane Society Offering Reward for Dog Abuse Case


MORROW – Morrow county is offering a reward for information leading to charges against the individual responsible for the condition of Moxie, the cocker spaniel found on St Rt 42 11/7/19 near Co Rd 103 in Mt Gilead, OH.

“This dog had endured long term neglect. Deprivation of consistent food and water led to medical conditions that the dog was not able to recover from. We do not believe this dog is from a puppy mill. We do not believe it is from an Amish farm. The most likely scenario is one of a shut in or homebound person. She was most certainly kept in a crate for extended periods of time. It is possible that person may have recently died OR put in a nursing home, etc. These are all speculations but based on experience, her condition and other factors, this is our best guess scenario on what occurred. Please contact 419-947-5791 or email [email protected] with any information. Someone HAS to know where this dog came from, we feel certain.”

Special notations about the dog: Cocoa Cocker Spaniel, aged approximately 7-8 years old, female
Funds that have been raised will go toward her cleanup, medical bills and the reward we are offering.

“We will have a better assessment of what that reward is later today or tomorrow. Please note, last year we had a case of dumped kittens in a dumpster. A reward was offered in this case and someone did come forward and we had a successful prosecution of animal cruelty on that case. We know it is possible that may not happen in this case but we want to try to find justice for Moxie.”

NOTE!! It is very possible this dog did not come from Morrow County given it was found on a State Route. Please share her story no matter where you live on the off chance the right person will see it.