Home News Miss Commercial Point Queens Pageant Opens Applications for Pickaway County Girls

Miss Commercial Point Queens Pageant Opens Applications for Pickaway County Girls


The Miss Commercial Point Queens pageant is inviting girls from Pickaway County, aged 14 as of June 1st and not yet 19 as of June 1st, to participate in the upcoming event. Taking place on Wednesday, June 12th, the pageant offers an opportunity for young women to showcase their talents and poise.

Interviews for the pageant will commence at 6:00 PM, followed by the contest at 7:00 PM. While the main pageant is open to girls within the specified age range, there are alternative age groups available for those whose ages do not meet the criteria.

Reflecting on her tenure as the 2023 Miss Commercial Point, MaKylie Hayhurst-Berry expressed gratitude for the transformative experience she had. From community volunteering to exploring new towns across Ohio, Hayhurst-Berry emphasized the profound impact the role had on her life. She encouraged aspiring contestants to embrace the opportunity and wear the crown and sash with pride and grace, recognizing the honor of representing such a vibrant community.

Ryleigh McCoy, the Miss Commercial Point Homecoming Festival First Attendant, shared similar sentiments, describing her time on the court as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. McCoy highlighted the friendships formed and the educational journey undertaken, encouraging potential contestants to seize the opportunity and embrace the blessings that come with representing Commercial Point.

Echoing these sentiments, Morgan Cline, the 2023 Commercial Point Homecoming Second Attendant, emphasized the enriching experiences and personal growth that accompanied her role. Cline encouraged prospective contestants to overcome any apprehensions and embrace the opportunity to enhance their public speaking and interview skills while forging lasting connections with fellow contestants.

For those interested in participating or seeking further information, inquiries can be directed to the queens director at [email protected] or via email to [email protected], the contact for the 2023 queen.

The Miss Commercial Point Queens pageant offers a platform for young women to embark on a memorable journey of self-discovery, community engagement, and personal growth, making it an event not to be missed for aspiring queens in Pickaway County.