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Meet the Miss Pumpkin Candidates Rebecca Noelle Highfield


CIRCLEVILLE – This year marks the 113th Circleville Pumpkin Show and the town is buzzing with preparation for the “Greatest Free Show on Earth!”

One of the many traditions to look forward to is crowning the Miss Pumpkin Show Queen, which has been a tradition for 85 years.  The very first Miss Pumpkin Show Queen was 15 year old Lucille Heise, who was one of 6 contestants and was crowned on October 5, 1933.  Heise was presented with a diamond ring as the victor.

The initial idea for the Miss Pumpkin Show Queen originated from Proctor Baughman who at the time was the director of Parades.  This has since become one of the cherished traditions that take place during Wednesday of the Pumpkin Show.

This year we have 13 Miss Pumpkin Show contestants

 Rebecca Highfield has officially entered the Miss Pumpkin Show contest. She represents New Hope Christian Academy daughter of Shawn and Vicki Highfield.

Rebecca honors and awards while attending High School currently are:

  • National Honor Society 2019, and 2020 school years
  • Student Council 2019, and 2020 school years
  • Youth and Government 2018-2019
  • Varsity Basketball 2018,2019,2020 school years (2018 Freshman player of the year)
  • Junior Varsity Volleyball 2020

I attend New Beginning Church Youth group and I have also attended the Heritage Nazarene X-factor Youth group. On Wednesday nights, I am co-leader of the 6th-8th grade girl’s group. Through the summer I am involved in many activities. For two weeks, I am a room leader/staff member during our church camp. I also attend family camp for one week.

Rebecca plans on attending an Ohio College and wants to become a nurse. She is interested in attending Ohio Christian University, Cedarville, and Otterbein. After earning her degree she plans to work at Nationwide Children’s Hosptial. She would like to travel to Uganda to help provide medical treatment fro children in need, as she says she has a heart for mission trips and helping children around the world.

Highfield says she also enjoys spending time at the caring touch LLC where she enjoys reading, putting puzzles together and the enjoyment of spending time talking.