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Meet Chillicothe and Ross County Candidates Tuesday Night

Bart Henshaw, Dawn Zar, and Sheila Stearos gave a preview of the 2023 Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters Candidates Night.

Ross County & Chillicothe — The local League of Women Voters is again hosting their Candidates Night, on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Three league members spoke with me as they planned the event over the weekend: Bart Henshaw, Dawn Zar, and Sheila Stearos. Hear our chat in the below interview video.

The league will be returning to their traditional format with introductory speeches from each candidate and questions from a panel – instead of last year’s “speed-dating” style of each candidate moving among small groups of audience members.

The league had been wanting to try that format for a while, but it was possible only with the small number of candidates in 2022.

In 2023, with many Chillicothe city offices up for vote, they will host 22 candidates. So, they will have a 90-second introductory speech, then questions from a four-member panel that includes the local chairs of both political parties.

The questions must be fair, and not about personalities. They will be about issues or the office, and be nonpartisan and neutral.

And instead of a handout with candidates biographies, that information will be on the local Vote411.com page, which is a service from the LWV.

The hour-and-a-half Tuesday event will be broadcast on Facebook Live, as well as recorded on their public Facebook page and local league website. Candidates will gather and be available to chat at 6:30 at the Ross County Service Center at 475 Western Avenue in Chillicothe, with the formal event running from 7pm to about 8:30.