Home News Ohio Police Department Reports Loss of Donuts on Highway

Ohio Police Department Reports Loss of Donuts on Highway


MEDINA – Medina Police department took to Facebook to report a terrible crime, a truck lost a load of donuts on the roadway and left them to waste.

The Medina Police Department posted two pictures from the incident with the following statement on Facebook “There might be a shortage of donuts in Medina today. Unfortunately, they fell out of the truck on the way to the store. We gladly stopped out to help clean them up. Thanks to the plow drivers who also helped out.”

There was so many donuts on the roadway they called in a few plow trucks to move them out of the roadway.

The police didn’t give a specific location for the spill but the comment section is great, here’s some of those comments.

This had to be so hard and traumatizing for you to see. Thinking about you officers during this difficult time 🤍


The police stopped to pick them up? Interesting way to prove the stereotype

Everyone at the other end of town won’t have to worry about speed traps….momentarily.

There will be a bunch of raccoons, squirrels, and bunnies running around on a sugar rush!

Some of those look salvageable. Should have been first come first serve lol

UPDATE: Please continue to stay out of the area of this scene. MPD are still in the process of an important investigation. Latest report is they still have 2 dozen to go.