Home News Massive “Super Load” Set for Journey Through Pickaway County on Thursday

Massive “Super Load” Set for Journey Through Pickaway County on Thursday


Pickaway — The twelfth of nearly two dozen “super loads” is on its way from a dock on the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County to New Albany in Licking County. This colossal cargo, an air processor known as a cold box essential for silicon chip manufacturing, measures approximately 23 feet tall, 20 feet wide, 280 feet long, and weighs 916,000 pounds.

The extensive journey is scheduled to span over a week, with planned stops in West Portsmouth, Lucasville, Waverly, Chillicothe, Rickenbacker, Groveport, Pickerington, and Pataskala. The delivery is set for Tuesday, June 25.

Currently traveling through Ross County, the load will enter Pickaway County on June 20th. Here’s the detailed schedule for the next leg of the journey:

June 20 (Day 5):

  • 5:45 a.m. Departure (approximate): The load will originate in Ross County, move through Pickaway County, and enter Franklin County.
  • Route: It will continue north on SR 104 to SR 762 near Commercial Point, then travel east on State Route 762 to Rickenbacker Parkway.
  • Overnight Location: Rickenbacker.

This super load is larger than previous ones, and significant delays are expected, especially when traveling uphill on SR 104 during the morning hours of June 20th. Motorists are advised to plan for potential delays and exercise caution while sharing the road with this enormous transport.

For real-time updates on the load’s progress and any traffic advisories, stay tuned to local news outlets and the Ohio Department of Transportation’s alerts.