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Massive “Super Load” Gears Up for Second Journey Across Ohio


OHIO – As the first Superload leaves the area we are gearing up for the second one that will roll through the area next week.

Just one week after the first behemoth of a shipment lumbered its way out of Adams County, another colossal “super load” is poised to embark on the same route next week. This second oversized cargo, weighing a staggering 390,000 pounds and stretching an impressive 200 feet long, will be making its way north under the watchful eyes of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Scheduled to depart on Thursday, March 14th, the colossal load will mirror the path taken by its predecessor, setting off from the same dock east of Manchester. This particular shipment has Hebron, Ohio, as its final destination, and unlike the first, is not associated with the construction of the Licking County Intel plant.

However, a slight detour is planned for this second super load due to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. To avoid disrupting the festivities within Columbus, city officials have requested that the colossal cargo steer clear of its boundaries on Sunday, March 17th. This temporary rerouting will necessitate a pause in the journey, with the super load taking refuge at Rickenbacker Airport until Saturday, March 23rd. Following this brief hiatus, it is expected to reach its final destination in Hebron by Monday, March 25th.

This gargantuan shipment represents the second installment in a series of nearly two dozen super loads scheduled to traverse Ohio’s roadways over the next several months. The largest of these behemoths will truly dwarf their predecessors, tipping the scales at a mind-boggling 900,000 pounds and reaching a colossal 270 feet in length. Due to their sheer size and weight, each super load is estimated to take anywhere from 8 to 15 days to complete its journey.

While the ODOT emphasizes that no official road closures or detours are anticipated, drivers are warned to expect delays along the designated route. To ensure smooth passage for these colossal structures, “slow-rolling roadblocks” will be implemented during transit. The ODOT has meticulously planned and analyzed the route, ensuring compatibility with these super loads. Several Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers will be assigned to escort each shipment, minimizing disruptions to emergency vehicles caught within the rolling roadblocks.

Furthermore, the ODOT has collaborated with local governments and utility companies to address potential obstacles along the route. Oversized overhead signs, traffic signals, and utility lines have been strategically adjusted or relocated to accommodate the passage of these behemoths.

In a further effort to minimize disruption, the ODOT will meticulously evaluate the schedule of each super load against any local events, such as festivals or fairs, to ensure minimal impact on local communities. Residents can expect timely announcements prior to each super load’s departure from the Ohio River dock near the village of Manchester in Adams County. The ODOT will continue to provide updates as each massive shipment makes its way north towards its designated destination in central Ohio.