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Massive ‘Super Load’ En Route to New Intel Plant Area Enters Pickaway County This Morning

Where does a kiloton superload park? Wherever it wants to!

A colossal ‘super load’ destined for the vicinity near New Albany in Licking County is currently making its way from a dock on the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County. This marks the fourth of nearly twenty-two such oversized shipments slated for this journey. The load measures an impressive 19 feet 3 inches in height, 20 feet in width, and stretches a staggering 128 feet 6 inches in length. Its weight is equally impressive, tipping the scales at 378,400 pounds. This super load is an integral component, an air processor, associated with the upcoming Intel plant.

Anticipation is building as the estimated delivery date for this behemoth is set for Tuesday, April 9.

Route Information for Friday, April 5 Departing approximately at 7:30 a.m., the super load will embark on its journey northward, navigating SR 104 until it reaches SR 762 near Commercial Point. From there, it will continue its eastward trajectory along SR 762 until it reaches Rickenbacker Parkway.

Overnight Location: Rickenbacker

For real-time updates and additional information as the convoy progresses through each county, be sure to follow your local ODOT District on social media platforms. Stay informed and stay tuned for this monumental transport endeavor.