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Man Charged with Escape, Domestic Abuse, Following Bizarre Shoplifting in Chillicothe


Chillicothe – Two people were arrested and one person was charged in a bizarre shoplifting event that occurred in Chillicothe on Monday

According to the Chillicothe police department on February 26, they responded to Menards on North Bridge Street after several thefts of Knives. One person identified as as Michael Halterman Sr. was caught by lost prevention at the store after opening and concealing a knife, but a second person who was with Halterman who was still in the store would become more troublesome. Officers who responded were told that a man who also was concealing a knife was still in the store, those officers went to confront the man when things started to get out of hand. During the approach, the officers explained to the man that the AP Office had seen him take a knife out of its package and hide it on his person, which he denied. During the confrontation, the man eluded police and attempted to drop the knife onto a shelf. The officer then took the evidence and attempted to take the man to the Loss prevention office when the man attempted to flee from the police. The officer tackled him and then handcuffed him after a short pursuit. During the interrogation of the suspect the woman who was with the man gave several identifications of who the suspect was one of those suspects came back deceased. Eventually, one officer was able to identify him as Ronald Anderson Sr. who had three warrants for his arrest.

During arrival at the Ross County Jail Anderson who was being transported with the female suspect identified as Tawnya Mosley, Anderson had released himself from his cuffs and then started to attack Mosley in the back of the cruiser who was handcuffed. Anderson was quickly tased by officers at the jail. During a search, officers found that Anderson had stolen a handcuff key and had hidden it in his mouth they concluded that he was able to unlock himself while being transported.

Michael Halterman was then issued summons 11083 for Theft, M1, in violation of Section 2913.02A3 of the Revised Code. He was explained the summons and released from the scene. Tawnya Mosley is being charged with Obstructing Official Business, Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments, Possessing Drug Paraphernalia. Future indictments of Possession of Drugs are pending at this time. Ronald Anderson Sr., is being charged with Criminal Mischief, Obstructing Official Business, Escape, Illegal Conveyance, Domestic Violence, and 3 counts of Felony Warrants.