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Man Arrested After Going Vigilante by Attempting to Clean up Circleville by Setting Homeless Trash Piles on Fire


Circleville – A 47-year-old man went vigilante in an attempt to clean up Circleville by setting Homeless trash piles on fire.

On June 4, 2024, at 12:41 PM, Officer Mays responded to a call at 131 Harrison Ave regarding a disorderly individual who had set a television on fire. The suspect was arrested and transported to Pickaway County Jail without any issues. The officer’s body camera was activated during the incident.

Before arriving at the scene, that Officer received information from Chief Thompson of the Circleville Fire Department. Chief Thompson reported that a male, dressed in all red, had admitted to setting a television on fire in the woods and was now acting belligerently and appeared intoxicated.

Upon arrival, the Circleville Officer located the individual matching the description on the sidewalk in front of 131 Harrison St. The man was uncooperative from the start, behaving erratically and appearing to be under the influence. He admitted to setting the television on fire but refused to provide identification when asked.

Despite repeated requests to identify himself, the man walked away, stating that he would not identify himself and that the officer would have to arrest him. Eventually, the officer proceeded to arrest the individual, securing him in wrist restraints behind his back, which were double-locked and checked for fit. The officer also detected a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect.

During the transport to the Pickaway County Jail, the man continued to use offensive language and admitted to being intoxicated. Once at the jail, he was identified the suspect as Troy Reynolds by finding his ID in his wallet. Reynolds was handed over to jail staff without further incident.

The Officer then returned to Harrison St., where he discovered the burned television and other items in a wooded area along the roadway. Photographs were taken of the burned items, and the scene was cleared shortly afterward.