Home News Major Bridge Struck: Semi-Hauling Excavator Causes Chaos on SR-33 West

Major Bridge Struck: Semi-Hauling Excavator Causes Chaos on SR-33 West


A major bridge on SR-33 West faced significant damage today after a semi-truck/dump truck hauling an excavator struck it, causing a series of events leading to road closures and traffic disruptions. The incident occurred just outside Columbus on Gender Road Bridge, resulting in a shutdown of the affected roadway section.

Reports indicate that around 11:15 am this morning, a semi-truck/dump truck transporting the large piece of equipment collided with the Gender Road Bridge at high speeds. The impact caused the excavator to dislodge from the semi’s bed, while the semi itself lost control and also crashed. Remarkably, no injuries were reported despite the accident occurring in the midst of traffic.

Following the incident, the roadway has remained closed as authorities and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) assess the situation and develop a plan to repair the damaged bridge. Currently, US-33 Westbound at Gender Roadway is inaccessible for repairs and cleanup efforts related to the substantial crash.

Additionally, repair and maintenance work on SR-674 North at US-33 East has led to the right lane being blocked. The duration of these closures and repairs remains uncertain as the focus shifts towards restoring the bridge’s structural integrity and ensuring safe operations along the affected routes.