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Lost Man Found Safe Thanks to Ross County Sheriff’s Department Efforts


Chillicothe, Ohio – A potentially dire situation turned into a tale of successful rescue thanks to the swift and coordinated efforts of the Ross County Sheriff’s Department. On June 11th, 2024, deputies responded to a distress call on Crouse Chapel Rd, concerning an elderly man who had wandered off.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a concerned individual, who expressed worry for her husband, who suffers from a mental health condition. The individual recounted an episode during which the man, becoming increasingly agitated, left the house without proper attire.

Despite previous instances of wandering off, this time proved more challenging for the family and the authorities to locate him. Deputies conducted a thorough search of the area, including nearby nature parks and trails, but to no avail.

As the situation grew more urgent, additional resources were mobilized. Eventually, with the assistance of a cadaver dog and handler, a breakthrough occurred. The dog led the team to a location where the man was spotted.

After a meticulous search, the man was located and safely transported to a medical facility without incident.

The successful outcome of this operation underscores the importance of prompt response and effective collaboration in emergency situations. The Ross County Sheriff’s Department commends the dedication and teamwork displayed by all involved in ensuring the safe return of the individual.