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Los Camperos of Circleville Cited for Multiple Health Violations


Pickaway County – Earlier this week we reported that the local El Pedregal restaurant was cited for dozens of health violations over the last few weeks, we also wanted to put attention to another Mexican Restaurant that also had dozens of violations at the same time.

Circleville, Ohio (February 17, 2024) – Los Camperos of Circleville, also known as Los Mariachis, LLC, located at 23633 S US 23 Hwy, was cited for a concerning number of health violations during a recent inspection by the Pickaway County Health Department. The inspection, conducted on [date], revealed 22 critical and non-critical violations, highlighting significant concerns about food safety and sanitation practices at the establishment.

Key Issues Identified:

  • Lack of Knowledge: The person in charge (PIC) demonstrated a concerning lack of knowledge regarding foodborne illness prevention, proper food handling procedures, and cleaning/sanitizing protocols. This raises serious concerns about the overall food safety practices at the restaurant.
  • Improper Food Handling: Violations included storing raw meat above ready-to-eat foods, uncovered food in coolers, and improper cooling of cooked food. These practices significantly increase the risk of foodborne illness.
  • Unsanitary Conditions: The inspection uncovered unclean equipment and utensils, improper handwashing practices by employees, and inadequate cleaning of various surfaces. These unsanitary conditions create a breeding ground for bacteria and contribute to the spread of foodborne illness.
  • Equipment Issues: Inoperable equipment like a broken temperature gauge in the walk-in cooler and leaking plumbing further compromise food safety and sanitary standards.

Immediate Actions Taken:

  • Several critical violations were corrected during the inspection, such as discarding improperly stored food and removing items from unsanitary locations.
  • The inspector provided verbal and written instructions for correcting remaining violations.

Next Steps:

  • Los Camperos will need to address all cited violations to ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • The health department will conduct a follow-up inspection to verify that corrective actions have been taken.

Public Health Concerns:

The identified violations at Los Camperos pose a potential risk to public health. Customers are advised to be cautious when dining at this establishment until all violations are addressed and the health department confirms compliance.

For More Information:

  • Contact the Pickaway County Health Department at (740) 477-9667 for more details about this inspection or other food safety concerns.
  • Visit the restaurant’s website or social media pages (if available) for any updates or announcements regarding the violations and corrective actions.

Remember: It’s important to choose restaurants that prioritize food safety and maintain high sanitation standards to protect your health and well-being.