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Locally Sourced Meats for Burgers, Burritos a Hit at Pumpkin Show


Who’s in for another chance at more free food? Fantastic. Allow me reintroduce you to my all time favorite food booth.
Sue Terre’s Food Affair would be the one stop I would utterly insist upon if there was just visit you could make at The Pumpkin Show.

I fell in love with the enormous and outrageously delicious pulled pork burrito when I first stopped at the food booth a few years ago.

They use fresh meats from local butchers, and the quality absolutely comes through in the taste. There’s a vast array of toppings to smother your burrito with, plus 3 sauces that you can choose individually or combine (BBQ Ranch, anyone?). It’s a great way to create a real and filling meal and skip deep fried snacking.

Sue Terre’s also has gourmet burgers and made from scratch sides. They even serve breakfast beginning at 7:30 AM (check the delicious menu!) – you can beat the crowds to Pumpkin Show and get an incredible meal to start off your day.

Also worthy of mention is their show-stopping

Pumpkin Trifle dessert to complete your order. Sue makes the gingerbread homemade, and layers pumpkin pudding, caramel sauce, and whipped cream on this drool-worthy treat.

The husband & wife duo of Sue Terre’s Food Affair began their business 8 years ago. They love to do local events and support their community. Their incredible menu is all made to order. Their booth is located on Watt Street during Pumpkin Show.
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